If you're melting like the rest of the country is right now, then you've probably got some cooling down to do.

It's past lunchtime. You've already eaten your cold Irish salad. But you're still feeling a little bit peckish. Plus, it's feckin' ROASTING outside. It's time for some sugar. Something cooling and sweet. Something that you'll have to eat in record time before it starts dripping down your hand, making everything sticky. It's time for one of the best creations in all of the world, and the most comforting thing to eat on a day like today. It's time for an ice cream (or ice pop, whatever floats your boat).

Picture the scene: You're headed to your local corner shop in search of that glorious deep freezer chest, glistening with ice. Do you attempt to jump in? No, not today. But maybe just keep your hands in there a little bit longer than usual as you search for the perfect sweet delight.

But now, as you stare into the wonderful abyss in front of you, you ponder - what are you choosing? How hot am I? Do I go for something ice creamy, or something more icy?

Let's find out.