A new report published by British tech firm SwiftKey has brought forth some startling results in the usage of emojis.

According to the survey, which tallied over a billion conversations across 16 languages, each country had a particular emoji that was more popular than others.

Italy, for example, favoured the banana emoji more than any other country, whilst Australia was the world's most popular user of the beer emoji.

France used the heart emoji four times more often than any other country / language, whilst Arabic speakers favoured the rose emoji eight times more than any other language.

Americans, however, preferred the eggplant emoji more than most countries. In fact, their usage of the eggplant was double the global rate.

Most oddly, however, was Canada. The Canucks, it would seem, simply can't get enough of the Poop Emoji and use it more frequently than any other country on the map.

Unfortunately, Ireland wasn't mentioned in the report. What do you think the most popular emoji in Ireland is?

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Via SwiftKey