Everyone's favourite messaging service looks set to add voice calls to their app in soon to be released update.

Whatsapp is perhaps the most widely used messaging platform these days, and its huge popularity led to Facebook shelling out some serious money on acquiring the company a while back. Now that they're in the Zuckerberg bosom they can afford to invest a bit more in to improving the functionality of the app, and it looks as though voice calling is going to be the next feature added.

Screen shots of the test calls performed by one reddit user were posted to the site, as well as a video of Pradnesh Patil (the user who posted it originally) trying a call with another friend who also seemed to get their hands on the update.

The call function appears to include everything you would expect, including a speakerphone setting as well as a mute button. According to Adweek, the version that has the calling capabilities is not yet available on Google Play for Android, but it certainly looks as though Whatsapp will be bringing this feature in the very near future.

Via Adweek