If you're a WhatsApp user, in recent days you may have received a text from someone in your contacts who has a link to a free €500 voucher for Argos.

Needless to say, this is the latest phishing scam doing the rounds on the messaging service and users are being advised NOT to click the link in the message, as it may lead to your personal material and details on your phone being compromised.

The scam has spread across the UK and Ireland in recent days, with variations on the retailer who is supposedly giving away vouchers for nothing; some say 'Asda', some say 'Argos', others say 'Topshop' - but all of them are bogus.

Users who receive the message are being advised to simply delete it - but if you do happen to have clicked the link, you're advised to make sure that the security software on your phone is up-to-date.