Just when you thought you had the nightmare that is WhatsApp group chats under control...

For many, WhatsApp and its group chat capabilities are a dream, but we all have at least one group that is non-stop inane chat that only bears relevance to you about 1/10th of the time, which is why the 'Mute' function exists. But now it seems that the messaging app doesn't give a rats about you maintaining your sanity and is letting people in group chats '@' you to get your attention, regardless of whether or not the conversation is muted.

In a move familiar to any Facebook users, all you need to do in a group to notify someone that their presence/attention is required is to drop an @ into message and a list of the chat's members will pop up for you to annoy at will. Useful for urgent things, sure, but we can see this being used nefariously by troll-ish friends very, very soon.

Just take our advice and turn off all notifications for groups. You'll thank us later.

Via Mashable