Changing your phone number is undoubtedly a huge pain in the backside, not least because you have to go through the painstaking process of informing all of your contacts that you have a new number.

However, if you're on WhatsApp, the messaging service is set to introduce a new feature that'll make the whole process a lot easier.

A beta version of a feature called 'Change Number' is currently being tested on WhatsApp for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, which - if implemented - will automatically inform everyone you want to know of your new number.

You'll also be able to select which groups of people you want to have the number - whether it's your entire address book, the WhatsApp groups you most frequently engage with, or even - if you want to wipe the slate clean with a whole new batch of friends and acquaintances - none of them at all.

True, there is a similar feature already in the app called 'New Broadcast' that essentially lets you perform a similar practice - but if widely implemented, 'Change Number' will make the process more straightforward.

So basically, anyone who tries to 'Nu fone who dis?' you will be stung.



Via The Independent