In continuing their quest to become a one stop shop for all things communication, WhatsApp are now introducing video calls to their repertoire.

The company has yet to begin advertising this fact but the latest beta versions of the Android app come with the ability to make video calls. So if you and your friend own androids and download the the beta (which you can access here) you'll have the option to make video calls to each other. 

As it's only at beta stage though, don't be surprised if the video stutters from time to time. Now that the feature has reached beta stage, it shouldn't be too long before it's released to users on both Android and IOS platforms. 

There are already a whole host of apps out there that offer video calling features for free but given WhatsApp's large number of users (estimated to be 1.2 billion) it certainly will cause a splash when it arrives on the scene.

Via Mashable