This is glorious, people. For anyone who has ever sent a drunken text to an ex-girlfriend, or sent a message to the wrong group, Whatsapp hear you and have you covered.

The app is currently testing out a new version for both iOS and Android phones that will allow you to delete messages, even if they've already been delivered to the user's phone. The slight hook being that the person you sent it to will get a message saying you had sent something, but pulled it.




They're also apparently testing a couple of other things, including a Snapchat like feature for the 'Status' bit. Could be an image or the like that deletes after 24 hours.

So, essentially, Whatsapp could save your relationships with endless amounts of people while you just have to be creative about the excuse for pulling said message.

We just hope this works as well when you send a screengrab of the person, TO the person. Hey, we've all been there.

Via Mashable