If you've been on the Twitter machine in the last couple of days, you've probably spotted the #charliecharliechallenge trending, and it has plenty of people talking. Mainly because they haven't got a clue what it actually is. 

That's because they're not cool and hip like us, but thankfully we've decided to momentarily come down from our ivory tower and explain it to you with our giant brains that know all there is to know about the internet (do not contact us to fix your internet if it's broken, we don't know that). 

So the game is played by dividing up a sheet of paper into four squares, and writing 'Yes' and 'No' in the squares, diagonally opposite one another. You then get two pencils and place them on top of one another to form a cross. Once you've done that, you need to summon up Charlie, who is apparently the ghost of a young boy who died in suspicious circumstances. Some people say he died in a car crash, while others say he was a victim of child abuse. Either way, this kid who definitely existed is dead and is now a ghost who answers your questions from the afterlife and can be called upon in a way that is just different enough to the Candyman movie franchise to avoid an intellectual property lawsuit. Basically, you have to say "Charlie, Charlie are you there?" If the pencils move to 'Yes' then you've got your answer, and if they move to 'No'...then uh...it's a different ghost or something and you should call Joe Duffy.

Anyway, you can ask Charlie questions about your life like he cares about whatever your problems are, and so long as it's in a yes/no format, he'll move the pencils to answer you. Importantly, once you finish  up with Charlie, you have to say "Charlie can we stop?" or else he gets evil and angry and will haunt your pencils forever. Of course if he ever comes to Ireland sure he'll never got off the line, what with us saying goodbye a lot. IT'S SO IRISH WE'RE SO IRISH IRELAND YAY. 

The sensation has taken off on Twitter with people posting more parodies than genuine attempts at summoning demons from the afterlife, which has lead to some vaguely funny vines and videos. 

Obligatory note: if you want to fake make your own Charlie video, then just be sure that you don't get the person blowing on the pencil in shot. That's a #ProTip from us, the rest of our Charlie Charlie Challenge movie making course starts Saturday the 30th of May and you can be there for the low, low price of €179.95 (per person).

Also our lawyers told us we're not responsible if you end up getting haunted as a result of trying this at home or attending the course. Course costs are non-refundable.

Main pic via Bruh/Twitter