Now if you know me at all you'll know that I can't sit in your company (that is if you're a girl) without asking where you got your lovely shoes, who cuts and colours your hair and what beauty secrets you've got stowed away in your handbag. I might also wonder where the handbag is from. 'Penneys?! NO way.' You'll then see me scuttling off to the shops to purchase all of your recommendations (and possibly copy your outfit... from head to toe.) Just take it as a compliment... So, to satisfy my continual need for frequent style tips AND my thirst for a good ole gossip, I thought why not have a root through the bag of one of the most stylish ladies of all, one currently gracing many an Irish magazine cover and one who caught the attention of billionaire mogul Donald Trump. Well if that intro didn't give it away then the photo above ought to have. Yes, I'm talking about the very funny Miss Rozanna Purcell - or Roz as she prefers to be called - former Miss Universe currently modelling with the Andrea Roche Model Agency. As for my fellow tip junkies, you're WELCOME.

So Roz, tell me what's the best bargain you ever bought?
Probably the Jeffrey Campbell boots I'm wearing. I got them on sale for 80 euro and usually they are like 200 and I wear them to death. I wear them every single day. Definitely the bet bargain I've gotten recently.

*Adds Jeffrey Campbells to Christmas list* Most expensive splurge that's not a house or a car?
My Gucci bag. It was 2 grand. It was the most expensive thing I've ever got but usually I'd wear that every day to give meaning to the cost of it all. It's definitely a bag that you can have forever.

Now to those tresses. What's the one hair product you couldn't live without? 
Can it be ANYTHING at all? Yes anything. Probably my Babyliss curling wand. Because even if your hair looks absolutely crap, you can throw a few curls in it and it makes it look like you've put in so much effort. They're only 40 Euro in salon services. And it's really hot too.

And where do you take your barnet when it needs a good seeing to?
My absolute favourite place to go is in Brown Sugar beacuse they give you cookies and a massage and it's like a whole experience.

What exactly do you get done, highlights? Balyage?
Well I've kind of always had light sandy hair. Now and again I would emphasize my natural highlights, especially with extensions. I go to Great Lengths by Ciara Lambert. She gets the dipped extensions so it just kind of emphasizes it more. I never colour my hair really. Loads of peolpe always ask me about it but I can only send them to Ciara.

Dip dyed extensions? How clever! Now what wouldn't we find in your handbag?
Cash. I only carry cards.

What do you have that we wouldn't expect to find?

Right. Moving swiftly on. If we were to go through your iPod, what would be the most recently played music we'd find?
Well the song I'm addicted to right now is a Gotye remix by Dan O. I'm obsessed with it. Dara Quilty, Daniella Moyles' boyfriend got me addicted to that. Other than that I like remixes of mainstream stuff and I really like house music. I love the Dead Presidentz. Old school ACDC remixes, Daft Punk.

Will you be heading to any exciting summer gigs?
Swedish House Mafia, I'm going to go to Electric Picnic too.

Guilty Pleasure (mine's One Direction)?
My guilty pleasure is Glee. How embarrassing. I'm in love with Glee. I watch so many cartoons, Hannah Montannah, Fairly Odd Parents. I'm such a child.

Apologies for the random tangents but where would you go for the best underwear?
I used to go to La Senza but they closed. I love Elle MacPhereson in Brown Thomas. It's really delicate and sexy but kinda girly too. Wonderbra is really good too.

We all have some painful style memory seared in our brains. What's the one most embarrassing outfit you wish you could erase from your memory?
When I was younger I was on TV, and I was in blue tie dye pants and a purple tshirt so I'd like to erase that. And most recently I wish I could block out from my memory was this kind of patterned pants. They're cool, they're like chinos, they've a floral design all over them. But it was really cold that day so I just threw on a really big wooly jumper and then I went out for a few minutes and got snapped and it looked like I was wearing PJs. The headline said 'Roz in her Pajamas.' In fairness it actually did look that way but they weren't I swear.

Speaking of jammies, what do you think about people who wear them in public?
They need to go home and change their clothes.

How would you describe your own style?
I try to keep with the trends, whatever is in this season, I'd follow that. But I'd still always have my staples like my leather jacket and my black boots and my aviators. I just kind of mix and match. I always try everything new.

Favourite high street store?

Most embarrassing moment?
OK once I was getting off my school bus and I was walking with this guy that I really liked, he was my neighbour. He got out ahead of me and I was just about to step off and the two sliding doors closed and I got caught and the bus was just about to drive off. It was really embarrassing!

Oh scarleh. Mine was having a burger thrown at my head in school. Who's your style crush?
Olivia Palermo. AND she shops all high street so when you see her wearing stuff you can actually go and buy it.

Your girl crush?
Candice Swanepoel. OMG how hot is she! She's a Victoria's Secret model and she's South African and she's the best thing in the world. Look her up. I would turn lesbian for her. I actually would.

Your guy crush?
So many beautiful men. Tom Hardy. He is such a bad boy oh my God. He's a cheeky chappy. Olly Murs too. I like cheeky chappies. They're not the obvious chiseled guys but they seem normal at the end of the day. They'd have fun.

Where are we most likely to find you on a Friday night?
Coppers. I love Coppers. I'm going there tonight.

Queue a load of stalkers turning up on Harcourt Street. Craziest Party story?
Once I was at this party in Mayo. We rented out a house and burned the whole garden down. Shit just got crazy. Then I was in South Africa and they got everyone in these limos, took us to this secret location, there were blocked out windows, I didn't know where I was going. We were brought to a house in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. They brought us in and there was a big white house. DJs in the pool, walls of Absolut Vodka, bars in the pool and it went on for two days. All free drink. I had to leave after one day I couldn't handle it.

What really grinds your gears?
Slow walkers. I want to get somewhere and you have these two slow people and they're like waddling like penguins. Yes. Slow walkers and babies. I hate children.

Quite the dark side you have there Roz. What are you loving right now?
Not the weather. I love farmers this week.

Who do you follow most religiously on Twitter.
Will Ferrell. He's really funny.

And lastly, describe your first kiss.
Bleughhh. It was like a washing machine. It was the worst thing ever. I was in Irish college and I went behind to score him and I remember staring at him, with my eyes open being like 'is this ever gonna end' like he was having a fit in my mouth. He looked like Michael Jackson too. When Michael Jackson went white.

Stay tuned til next time when we'll be rooting through someone elses bag and, of course, interrogating them for embarrassing secrets.

Photos: Andrea Roche Modelling Agency.