Last month I sat down with the lovely Roz Purcell to have a root through her handbag, find out what lotions and potions she does be using and see if she's got any handy tips on looking good for us mere mortals. This month, I've done the same with model and TV presenter, Daniella Moyles. She's an absolute roooide, she's a hoot and is perhaps one of the most stylish ladies currently gracing some of the country's top magazine covers. Needless to say, I've got a bit of a girl crush. Without further ado, let the style stealing commence...

Tell me, Daniella, what's the BEST bargain you ever bought?
I would say 'Bargain' by The Who, it was only €0.99 on iTunes.

That's a steal! Most expensive splurge that's not a house or a car?
I spend ALL my money on food. Seriously! I would say if I kept all my food receipts and added them up at the end of the year I would be sick on myself. Other than that it's flights, I want to see every corner of the world so when I'm not eating I'm saving towards leaving to eat in foreign places.

A girl's gotta eat. One beauty product you could not live without?
I use a skincare range called GloTherapeutics and finding it was the greatest thing that ever happened to my life. They don't send me hampers of free shit or anything so I'm not being bribed into endorsing it here.

*Googles Glo Therapeutics* What's the one hair product you couldn't live without?
Simple, Argan oil. I get mine in Sally Salon Services on Drury Street for around €20. It lasts months, just run it through your hair after every wash. I also take a daily supplement called Biotin which is for healthy hair, skin and nails.

And where do you take your barnet when it needs a good seeing to?
You'll find me either in Pzazz, Powerscourt or Salon Carmelle in Sandyford.

I'm forever hearing good things about this Salon Carmelle place. What exactly do you get done, highlights? Balyage? (Note, I WILL copy it)
Robert in Pzazz is my colourist and he is nothing short of a hair artist. I cannot recommend him enough! He does my balyage.

Sure give us his number there... Now what wouldn't we find in your handbag?
Lots of things. A lamp, an animal, Chuck Norris...

But isn't Chuck Norris a handbag staple these days? What DO you have that we wouldn't expect to find?
A Michael H voucher, plans for a flux capacitor 2.0 and sometimes I carry around a cup of seaweed. I get cravings for it.

I don't think I've ever heard of anyone cravning seaweed. If we were to go through your iPod, what would be the most recently played music we'd find?
It's always on shuffle so I'm not taking any responSibility for the most played songs. At the moment though I'm listening to a lot of Ellie Goulding, The weekEnd, Dolly Parton, Alanis Morisette and Katy Perry. I've got weird music taste, I get obsessed with particular songs and play them to death, right now it's Crave You, the adventure club remix by Flight Facilities and Nintendo Song by Nathanial Castro.

Oh I do love The Weekend, they're so filthy. Will you be heading to any exciting gigs soon?
Heading to Belsonic this weekend and hoping to get to Electric Picnic in September, also I'm waaaaaiting patiently for Rob Delaney to release dates/tickets for his stand up shows here. I’m partial to a comedy gig!

Rob Delaney's Twitter is one that should be followed by everyone (that is, if you don't offend easily). Guilty Pleasure (mine's One Direction)?
Ugh, pulease! I've loads I'm a walking cringe-factory. I'm a Beliber, I fancy Gay Byrne, I sky + EVERY episode of Dr.Phil, need I go on…

You fancy Gay Byrne? I fancy Pat Kenny. Where would you go for the best underwear?
Victoria Secret or La Senza (RIP). Penny's bras are deadly too!

What's the one outfit you feel most sexy in?
I suppose either showing legs or boobs, not both though. High-neck short dress or a low top with trousers, that usually works for me.

What's the one most embarrassing outfit you wish you could erase from your memory?
Every bandeau dress I've ever rocked out in. Bleugh.

There was a period there where it was bandeau overload, wasn't there. Herve Leger rip offs and what have you. How would you describe your own style?
If Joan Collins bumped uglies with Jamie Hince inside a disco ball I'd like to think I'd be the end result.

Favourite high street store?
American Apparel

Most embarrassing moment?
While getting a Hollywood recently I congratulated my waxer on her pregnancy glow, she wasn't preggo'd. Whole situation was horrific.

Who's your style crush?
Definitely don't have one, lots of different people and things inspire my taste in fashion.

Girl crush?
Katy Perry, Kristen Bell, Bjork, Dolly Parton, Florence Welsh, Alanis Morisette, Emma Stone. I like weird and wonderful girls with a sense of humour.

Boy crush?
My boyfriend, he's funny and great and smart and the nicest person I know.

Nawww. Dara will get a slagging for this now. Where are we most likely to find you on a Friday night?
Watching a documentary in bed in with my boyfriend or more recently having an arts and crafts night, they are really fun!

What really grinds your gears?
When I don't push the clutch the whole way down..

Describe your first kiss.

Daniella Moyles models with Andrea Roche Model Agency.