Well whaddaya know. It’s Friday and, as of now, that means just one thing in entertainment.ie towers (apart from *ahems* "unwinding" with a "few" tipples). It’s our day for reflecting on the things that had us grinning from ear to ear one minute, and wanting to beat someone over the noggin with a blunt implement the next throughout the week that was. And, it has to be said, the rain isn’t doing much for our mood.

So let's wring ourselves of all negativity first. Deep breath now...

This week, we're loathing:

1. Scumbag teenagers and their scant regard for headphones on the bus. Nobody else wants to listen to Scooter that early in the morning.

2. Egotistical directors with about as much talent as a Tallafornia starring scrote. (Too much?)

3. That photo of a four year old breastfeeding courtesy of Time Magazine (this also features in what we loved below.)

4. When a 4 day week feels like a bleedin' 6 day week.

5. The automated "NEXT STATION" announcer on the DART. This morning he was so loud it was like he'd crawled up our nose and was head banging behind our eyes. Nice.

6. People hatin' on Game of Thrones Season 2 because it differs from the book somewhat. *whines* "I didn’t like it 'cos in the book that scene happened after the..." SHURRUP, you stupid langer face.

And lastly,

7. May’s disappointingly authentic impression of November.

On the plus side, we were loving:

1. All things Sacha Baron Cohen.

2. Obama growing a pair, and Jon Hamm offering his worldly wisdom.

3. That Dave have brought back Peep Show.

4. Dublin’s 1st Camden Crawl.

5. The Game of Thrones version of Time Magazine’s Breastfeeding cover.

6. The super bargain that is Alberto Balsalm shampoo I bought for €1 in Penneys.

And lastly, let's all take a moment to realise that:

7. We're almost half way through the year and the world has not ended. Those Mayans were full of shit.