The "relatable" couple are hosting this year's first Met Gala alongside Regina King and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The theme? 'In America: An Anthology of Fashion'.

The Met Gala is The fashion showcase of the year in which celebrities are asked to center their outfits around a different theme.

We've seen celebrities take on incredible themes like 'Camp: Notes on Fashion' in 2019 and 'In America: A Lexicon of Fashion' in 2021 — sounds... similar to this year, right?

Well that's because this years is practically the same as last year. After the notorious celeb get-together was cancelled in 2022, the Costume Institute arranged a two-parter across 2021 and 2022. On their invitations, Vogue reports the dress-code was summarised as "Gilded Glamour".

It''s not the most exciting theme we've had in recent history, but who knows? There have been dry themes before and people pulled it out of the bag, like A$AP Rocky in St Brigid's cloak last year.

Plus with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, we'll be in for a bit of a skit, since they famously don't take themselves too seriously.


Blake is always a fashion favorite at the Gala, forever serving romantic whimsy but often with an twist via blue feathers, thorny headpiece, or a wee glove.

We expect this year will be no exception, especially with the added grandeur of being a host — sure, remember host Billie Eilish went as Marilyn Monroe last year?

As for Ryan Reynolds, sometimes he pushes the boat out style wise, opting for a blue dickie bow instead of a black one or going from a black tux to a navy suit. Bravo. This year he could even throw on a pair of glasses! Gasp!

Hosting style

We can expect a lot of pretending that they really hate each other when, ha, ha, they actually don't! They're married! So they love each other! Ah, ha!

We're sure there'll be many, many quips about how Ryan loves himself more than he loves his wife and more of that classic straight couple humor that everyone can palate.

What we do appreciate about the lovebirds is that they know how to take the piss out of themselves, which can't always be said for A-listers on the red carpet.

Find out how you can catch the Met Gala through Vogue on Monday the 2nd of May.