Jaysus. There must be something in the water today; everybody's getting naked. First it's Emma Watson for the environment, now it's Cara Delevingne stripping off for i-D Magazine. Now this is very NSFW (nipples feature *blushes*) and definitely not suitable for the kids so do take caution and watch it at your own discretion.

What do you need to know about Cara? She's a very successful model, (you'll know her as the one with the heavy-set eyebrows), she's 20 and she's pals with Rihanna. So worn out has young Cara been with all the fashion shows, Rihanna was nice enough to invite her to come and chill out at her home for a while 'til the batteries are restored. Not that Rihanna's exactly known for R&R. Still though, nice gesture. Rumour has it Rihanna's even going to introduce Cara to her dickhead beau Chris Brown with the hopes that he'll help get Cara's music career off the ground. She's also rumoured to be dating musician Jake Bugg.

As for the video? We like it; it's classy, she's stunning in a grungy way and on top of that she's a generally very cool chick.