On Monday we posted a Music News article which contained a video we came across of Lenny Kravitz surprising a street choir who were performing his song 'Fly Away' and joining them for an impromptu jam. It's a great video which shows Kravitz to be a stand-up guy but, to be honest, we didn't think much more of it at the time - after all, it was just one of the dozens of news and entertainment articles we post every day here on entertainment.ie.

Fast forward to late this afternoon and we noticed the article was receiving A LOT of traffic, as people visited the site in their thousands from every corner of the globe. This left us scratching our heads a bit. Where was this traffic coming from, and why this particular article?

Well, we did a bit of digging and discovered that all of this can be traced back to Facebook. Not only that, it can be traced back to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. It seems Zuckerberg stumbled upon our article online and one click of the 'Like' button later, our website was exploding. The power of online media!

So, thanks for that Mark Zuckerberg. We loved you in Zombieland.