Hmmm, industrial strength tinfoil? A soiree outfit for transsexual tinmen? Um, boobs? Stencils?! Cyber whore boots? Futurist Hawaiian luau wear? Metallic beach inflatables? Boobs?! Eh, eh, GLITTER? Oh, balls... BALLS?! No, uuuurrggh! I dunno, dunno, a Boutique iPod Range worn as a headdress?!


Let me read this here... this is Katie Price "launching her Katie Price Boutique iPod Range at the Worx" earlier today in London.

I'm confused. Again. What about Katie Price is "boutique..." I know they make pink iPods already, so that can't be it. Has she actually made an iPod into a headband, is that's what boutique about it? Does it come with a hairpiece attached? Positively stumped... not that it matters; she's got the celebratory balloons out, so where can I buy whatever she's selling?

Seriously, I'm that debased I'll purchase whatever crap she's peddling just 'cause she has the baps out. It's the very least I can do, she's gone to a fierce amount of trouble.