I want a job with In Touch magazine; they get to discuss who's got the best breasts in the business... Hah? So do I, you say?! Huzzah! *pulls top over head and runs around office*. So here's their top ten 10, who - it might be worth noting - all happen to be childless. 10: Beyonce Knowles. 9: Megan Fox. 8: Jennifer Aniston. 7: Audrina Patridge (the one with The Hills... apologies).  6: Katherine Heigl. 5: Lindsay Lohan. 4: Carmen Electra (no fair, they're BLATANTLY not real). 3: Scarlett Johansson. 2: Tyra Banks. And in first place, in case you this segment's accompanying photo didn't give the game away, it's… Jessica Simpson's mammaries! Congratulations, Jessica - now you know the entire world is ogling your wares - not just papa Joe! In your FACE, Pamela Anderson. According to various sources, Jessica's father Joe - in a true Hulk Hogan moment - said this when he heard the news: "She's got double-Ds! You can't cover those suckers up." OK, either this is something Joe exclaims randomly a number of times a day, or said sources have just garnered a quote from a separate interview a few months back - cause I'm positive that's not the first time he's said that. Either way, it's wrong.