American researchers have recorded a Beluga whale making "human-like sounds" completely on its own. So let's all prepare for our new sea-dwelling overlords shall we?

Beluga whales are apparently known as the "canaries of the sea" due to their high-pitched sounds, but one in particular, NOC, has not only made noises that divers thought were other people, but has actually taught itself how to sound like a human. According to the BBC, the scientists at the National Marine Mammal Foundation in California "found that vocal bursts averaged about three per second, with pauses reminiscent of human speech. Analysis of the recordings showed that the frequencies within them were spread out into "harmonics" in a way very unlike whales' normal vocalisations and more like those of humans."

Thus paving the way for perfect whale/human communications. Excuse us while be brush up on our Whale (Whaleish?)