Will someone, for the love of God, teach her how to bare her teeth so her tongue can have a rest. It looks knackered, the poor thing. And indeed it is odd that a Disney kid doesn't know how to smile. Perhaps smiling is too traumatic for her now....

The Wrecking Baller can't help but pull her signature pose when she's standing in front of cameras because she feels 'awkward' just standing there grinning.

She said: "I get embarrassed to take pictures. That's actually the truth. I'm so embarrassed, because people are taking pictures of me, and I just don't know how to - I don't know how to smile, and just be awkward, so I stick my tongue out, because I don't know what else to do." Again, someone teach her, I'll pay you.

Meanwhile, the 21-year-old singer admits she doesn't search herself on the internet any more because the negative comments ruin her happiness.

Speaking on US TV show Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013 (in other words, Miley made the list... way to validate twerking older men while sporting flesh coloured bikinis, Babawah), she said: "I refuse to Google myself. The minute I stopped Googling myself, you don't imagine what a happier person I am."

So how 'bout you think of that when you're being snapped, it would make us all a lot happier 'cause you've got a nice smile. Sick of the tongue. Put it away.