Every man loves a good gadget, and with Father's Day just around the corner, this may well be the ultimate bit of tech that your dad wants.

That said, the likelihood that you have the spare $1.6 million (€1.18 million) to throw around on getting it is probably pretty slim, but boy howdy would that be a difficult gift to top come next year. 

The novelty-sized goggle box is made by the folks at Titan Screens, who do custom orders for the world's fanciest people, and this massive 370-inch behemoth, which measures eight metres by five metres goes by the name of Zeus, which is pretty apt. They have only sold one so far, to a buyer who wishes to remain anonymous, probably because he owns a TV that's worth more than a house and doesn't want people trying to knick the thing. It would be hard to miss though if you spotted him or her watching Eastenders on it through the front window.

The screen doesn't skimp on quality either, promising 4K resolution so that everything you watch will be so sharp it could well make your eyes bleed. If you fancy seeing what one of these bad boys looks like in action before investing in it, then you can catch some World Cup action on another 'Zeus' at Cannes, which will be the size of an actual goal on a football pitch and mounted to the top of a hotel for all to see. A low-key event, we're sure... 

Via Mashable and Engadget. Main pic via Titan Screens.