It looks like Wetherspoons have very much laid down their flag over here and have no plans of going anywhere anytime soon. Great for punters who like cheap drinks, not so great for those who prefer their weekly few scoops to be from their same old local.

The chain has announced they are planning on setting up a further 30 more pubs on this little island of ours, following on from their first pub opening in Blackrock earlier this year. Since then, a second pub has opened in Dun Laoghaire, while more venues in Dublin and Cork will open soon.

All in all, JD Wetherspoon will be investing €510 million into new bars across the UK and Ireland, with company chairman Tim Martin saying; “We are looking forward to opening the new pubs, many of which will be in areas where Wetherspoon is not yet represented”.

The establishments have quite the impressive price list, with pints as low as €2.50. Difficult to argue with those numbers, but come on now, you know you'd still prefer a big dirty pint of Guinness and a bag of Tayto served by someone called Mick the Bull.... right?