The band created by Louis Walsh and Simon "I'm Responsible for getting Mr. Blobby to No. 1" Cowell are disillusioned with the current state of the music industry. Apparently it's unoriginal. Ain't that a kick in the head.

To quote this morning's Metro Herald (which caused me to hoot audible during this morning's commute, much to the distress of fellow passengers), "The band, whose hits include Billy Joel's Uptown Girl, Abba's I Have a Dream, Bette Midler's The Rose, Dean Martin's Ain't That a Kick in The Head, Terry Jackson's Seasons in The Sun, Barry Manilow's Mandy, and everybody's You Raise Me Up have bemoaned the state of music today, describing it as 'samey.'"

The soon to be disbanded - only to then reform for a comeback tour in the next 5-10 years - band's unofficial mouthpiece (Kian Egan) had this to say of today's musicians during a conversation with MUZU.TV: "They are just trying to make music for radio instead of just making music... The variation of music that young people are listening to now, it's just the same thing with a different melody. It's just the same beat with a different melody on top." Welcome to your advancing years, Kian. The likelihood that one of your elder relatives said the exact same sentence in the early '90s is rather high.

Kian continued: "I think it's getting a big samey-samey, I think it needs a bit of a change-up again." Then why are you leaving?! We need you, and your stool perching, key changes, you blinding beacons of innovation more now than ever! Surely if anyone can give the music industry a bit of a shake up, Westlife can!

Funnily enough, one of the other ones (Mark Feehily) had an opinion on X Factor: "Honestly, I don't know if there is anybody in this year's UK X Factor that will change the face of music, I don't really think there is. Take Leona Lewis, the bigget and best singer that's arrived from the X Factor, we don't know where she is anymore." She's moved to L.A. and has been recording there. How about yerself? But, yeah, I take your point, anyone who partakes in X Factor is doomed to obscurity at one point or another.

All that aside, at least we know the real reason behind Westlife's split. They'd run out of covers to cover.