Not to worry, you weren't the only one. To quote Aine (she's officially the voice of reason of late) it was indeed a "(stupendously) elaborate April Fool's Day joke".

Cork's RedFM duped thousands of their listeners this morning into believing that U2 were performing a special one off gig on the roof of a shopping centre.

In an intricate April Fools prank, KC and Lenny from (*ahems* the PPI award winning) Red Rooster Breakfast Show encouraged listeners to head down to Blackpool Shopping Centre for what they were describing as a "rare musical treat".

The band's loyal Cork fans flocked to Blackpool to catch a glimpse of their musical idols who had scaled the roof of the shopping centre in a scene entirely reminisct of their StreetsĀ Have No Name promo. You know the one; they performed on the top of a LA liquor store and then even the cops joined in for a bop.

The real Bono was not available for comment (as he was too busy promoting their new album anywhere else on the planet bar Ireland *shakes fist*), but U2opia's front man said he suffered a little vertigo on the roof top but he thought it was a beautiful day, and winding up the people of Cork was really the sweetest thing.

I tuned into the show over the hinterweb this morning (like I do every morning... just to hear Lenny's sweet, sweet voice *bites down on clenched fist*) and, it has to be said, they sounded even better than the real thing... *runs away*