It seems that the desire to buy flat pack furniture is strong in Ireland...

IKEA announced this week that their business in Ireland is booming, and their store in Ballymun is turning out a pretty healthy profit, in what is being seen as a sign of the recovery in the Irish economy. 

In documents lodged with the Companies Office, IKEA Ireland saw their pre-tax profits jump up a health 22%, going from €5.8m to €7.1m, thanks to the fact that 2.4 million people visited the store last year to get themselves just a few things...small things...they had a short list, all they needed was just a bedside lamp and maybe a few new glasses, but they accidentally bought an entirely new living room and four servings of meatballs. 

Anyway, all that meant that the company had plenty of money flowing through the tills, as the Irish people spent around €2 million a week in the giant complex, making for a pretty healthy balance sheet.