We get all manner of emails into us during the course of the week, usually random things like "The floors of your cinema are too sticky", and "WHY WASN'T MAD MEN ON LAST NIGHT?!", and "Please! What is with that God awful (insert) ad flying all over the screen?????", Oh and "Ure not as funy as you tink u R." You get the jist.

So imagine our collective joy when this sprang forth from our inbox this morning from a viewer in Kerry:

"I met my husband almost 11 years ago. About a week after we first kissed I won tickets to a preview of a movie 'The Circus' (I think) through your website, it was the perfect excuse I needed to give him a call, I desperately wanted to pick up the phone and ask him out but couldn't. We had a fabulous evening, free champagne the lot. so THANKS! We are still happily married, have 2 gas little boys, NEVER get to go out anymore but are completely happy. Can't believe it was so long ago! Happy Friday! "

How heartwarming is that.

Thank you, Vanetia, for brightening up an otherwise mingingly damp day.