It's been confirmed, spiders are waging war on our world.

Well that’s the only conclusion I can come to, because in the past month they’ve become the most important thing in my news cycle. Over 100 deadly ones found in Carlow, then came the news that they’re getting bigger and living in our houses, and now they’re hiding in our kids lunch food.

This week a 17-year-old girl from Wales found a few spiders in her banana as she was about to supposedly healthy snack. Hannah John, who spoke to the South Wales Evening Post, that when she peeled back the banana “There was a hole in it and inside there were around 80 tiny spiders.” Oh yeah, by a few, I meant 80. 80 spiders, just so we're clear, is 79 more than it takes most people to freak out over.

Luckily she’s a civilised eater, and avoided a big-old mouthful of spiders, although thankfully they were dead before she got to them. Still, if there’s anything to be learned from this, it’s that fruit isn’t always the healthiest option.

I’ve never found a spider in a carton of Pringles or a can of Coke, and I think we could all take a little something from that.