It's nice to see that Paul Weller has entered his 50's with dignity and grace. Not only has the Modfather recently ditched his partner of 13 years, he has started seeing one of his backing singers. Weller and 23-year-old Hannah Andrews recently jetted off to Prague for a romantic Christmas break where they sampled some of the local culture, enjoyed some live music and got plastered and passed out on the street.

The Sun has obtained a video of Weller and Andrews in a bar singing along to a local musician. Well, "singing" is perhaps the wrong word to use. Brad Huff, who was playing guitar in the bar that evening, said of Weller, "He was really terrible. I told him he couldn't sing. He was just kind of howling".

The indignity didn't stop with Weller's attempts at crooning as girlfriend Andrews fell off Weller's lap at one point and then once again when they were leaving. Outside the bar, the pair were caught lying on the path in a semi-conscious embrace in the freezing cold. The lovebirds were then "half-carried" back to their hotel. Aww, new love. It really does warm the heart.

-John Balfe