Movie stars, nipple slips, red carpet hotties, the deadliest catch and a €3.6 billion accounting cock up all feature in today’s launch of ‘The Erics 2011’ -’s Annual Awards - which are now open for voting - HUZZAH! In case yer wondering, Eric is the name of our little orange mascot.

This year, our tongue-firmly-in-cheek entertainment awards features categories like Red Carpet Icon, Deadliest Catch and the always popular Over Exposure Award. Also featured will be movie blockbusters, such as Twilight, TV shows (best and of course worst) , the aforementioned nipple slips, our Just For Being Deadly award, and the squirm-inducing Brown Trousers Moment (which could possibly include presidential loser Seán Gallagher), for the most embarrassing moment of 2011.

Also up for the Erics this year are Dylan McGrath (Deadliest Catch), Masterchef (Best TV Show), Ireland's Dream Debs (Worst TV Show), Vincent Browne (Best TV Presenter), Dermot Whelan (Best Stand Up Comedian), Georgia Salpa (Over Exposure Award), Jape (Album Of The Year) along with a gaggle of beauties, celebrities, movie stars and Twitterati.

By the by, when you vote online here you can in with a chance to WIN €1000 worth of prizes - eeeeeeeeeeek!

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