It's little wonder that people thought the world was ending in the 1500's or whenever if they saw an eclipse or a volcano.

After all, there was little to no knowledge of the natural world or what was involved, so the sight of the sun being blotted out in the middle of the day would undoubtedly cause chaos and panic. You wouldn't expect something similar to happen today, right?


The island of Costa Rica was home to an unusual cloud formation known as a pileus. Simply put, it's a type of iridescent cloud that looks sort of like a rainbow meshed with a cloud. It's a completely natural phenomenon that occurs when there's plenty of moisture in the air and the parent cloud begins to create a smaller cloud, which becomes unstable.

More often that not, a pileus is a sign of severe weather on the horizon - not aliens or, as this woman thought, the second coming of Jesus.

Take a look.

Yeah, no, it's clouds. Just pretty, happy clouds doing something you don't see every day. It's definitely not aliens or Jesus, it's just a cloud formation.

It really is quite beautiful to look at, mind, although it's not known to happen all that often. So, in some respect, it's probably a good thing she caught in on camera. Too bad we had to get the running apocalypse commentary on the whole thing, however. Don't get us wrong - if we saw this 400 years ago, we'd probably think the same thing, i.e. aliens, deity returning to Earth, whatever - but not now. Five minutes of Googling would tell you what that is.

Here's another video with a very excited teenager who keeps talking about beautiful it is. It IS beautiful, man.



Via YouTube