Gerard Butler wasn't so much at the Wimbledon final with Bradley Cooper as he was more of a third wheel on Coop's date with Suki Waterhouse. Which is, what, basically being an anti-wingman?

Niall Horan and Irish model Zoe Whelan are no more, what with Horan taking the classiest approach to a break-up and just freezing the girl out and blanking her. Chivalrous and decent, as you'd expect.

Sandra Bullock's awkward sex tape tips on Graham Norton, which we won't paraphrase we'll just let you enjoy again.

Taylor Swift 'appreciates heartbreak' because, duh, obviously, that what brings in the cash. What's a little bit of an achy breaky heart when you get millions and world fame?

Beyoncé and Solange both skipped out on their papa's wedding to his new wife after he divorced their mother Tina in 2011. He says they had tour commitments, we say, those girls planned those tour commitments, if you know what we mean. If Bey wants/needs to be somewhere, she just does it. (Blessed be Beyoncé)

Gaga is trying to gag some info from her early days going public via a new lawsuit (and this time she's not even the one being sued). The 'sensitive, private, and personal' information relates to Gaga's time as the crazy Lady Gaga who was running around New York setting things on fire, so hopefully it's not the news she's actually a pyromaniac. Although would we be surprised?

And we can't not mention Brian O'Driscoll's post-game interview while holding little baby Sadie where he was ever the sportsman and kept it classy and sorry now there's something in our eye again...