At the beginning of last night's show, after the continuity dude who doesn't seem to leave Ballymount (he's also been spotted doing the weather the odd time on Ireland AM) made his announcement, I tweeted "#TV3Apprentice We have an 'alarming twist' to look forward to... Eoin astride a coffee table shouting 'MIIIND THE HYOT KKYYYOOOFFEEE!'?"

As it happens, I wasn't far off the truth (and, no, I'd not got my mitts on a screener copy of the show, it keeps getting lost in the post *tsks*). Eoin was appointed team leader of Zest and assigned the task of creating a fun, interactive Christmas themed app for Unislim (next week it'll probably be Woodies. Or Appleby's. Or Renault...) to help folk (mainly men by the sounds of things; stats such as "70% of Irish men are overweight" were being bandied about?!) get trim before the festive season kicks off.

Before reassigning Stewie's role over three times (I should really start calling him Conor, or at least "Mr. Christmas", as Bill now likes to call him), trying to tempt his exasperated underlings with unnecessary tea breaks, and providing Homer Simpson themed congratulatory sound bites for the app, Eoin "I can't abide people who come to work every day and do as little as possible" Hamdam decided it was all too much for him. So he left.

To clarify, Eoin 'MIND THE CYEEAAR, CYYYEEAR, CYYEEEAR, CYYYEAR' Hamdam legged it last night. He led his teammates into their pitch with Unislim, let Linda Martin (Ruth) slip her tongue over and into everything imaginable, and then scampered off into the night. "WEEEEEEYYYY HHEEEEEEYYY!!"

The vast consensus was "Ah Jaysis, would he not at least take the inevitable on the chin in the board room?" That would be a no. Stewie was more empathetic, pointing out that no one really understood what might be going through Eoin's head at that moment. A gracious comment. "Not a lot", I would wager, but that's the snide in me.

With Eoin gone, it was down to Sub PM Sandra (I don't have a picture of her for some reason, but she's the one who resembles a naughty secretary, what with the glasses and penchant for maroon hued lippie) to invite two of her fellow Zesters back into theboardroom (I know, I've skipped a load. In short Team Spirit, lead by Louise, who was just as bumbling at times, won the task. Even though their App was rubbish too, they managed to fit in the Christmas theme and devise a decent prize. Unislim's app will be released, but they've had to pay someone qualified to design it). So she hauled in Linda Martin and NEXUS 6 Claire.

In the end, Linda had to go for deploying what she kept describing as "a slip of the tongue" *shudders*. She basically stood up in front of Unislim and said, "I had all the good ideas, me, me, me, mine, all of them, me, 'cause I'm the best, but no one listened to me, so you've got a crap app called Diet Delights that has nothing to do with Christmas or our overweight male population, neh."

Last Night's Cackle Inducing Comment: Maurice chirpily saying "Well done, Conor!" after Mr. Christmas stupendously bumbled his way through a pitch.

Last Night's Cackle Inducing Moment: Bill fisting himself in the head during a motivational boward room speech. Between the head slapping and the tinkering with our country's fine flora from a formative age, Mr. Christmas is Bill's kindred spirit and should be taken under his wing immediately.

Last Night's Top Tweet:"@johnjoeworrall: @EntertainmentIE reckon they'll break with tradition and play 'Why Me' in the car at the end?"

Sadly they didn't.

Last Week's Round Up.

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