If we were in charge of the country instead of that dirty shower, we'd...well realistically we'd run it into the ground, much like most of the people who complain about the government.

It's a tough job running the country, and we're sure if they could spend more, and tax us less, they would. But they can't, so there's no use in complaining. Instead, use this budget calculator website, peoplesbudget.ie, which was created by the Ignite Research and The Journal, to show us all what changes you'd make.

We had a go, and it was surprisingly good fun to imagine how you's spend the country's money.

On the other hand, trying to fix the tax was a bit of a problem. We got two taxes deep and realised we were about €2.25 billion under what we needed to raise, so we just gave up.

While we couldn't make out way through it, plenty of people have, and you get a chance to see what the rest of the public are looking for from today's budget. We're not saying it's better than ours, but it might be thought through slightly more.