After getting away with pure murder this summer, like seriously hot days that reminded us of the big heatwave back in... 19-oh-splash, we figured there's no way the weather gods would go easy on us come winter.

Turns out, we Irish must be behaving very good, in much the same way we're starting to watch our Ps and Qs as we know Santa and the elves are watching closely now 'til Christmas. Thinking of fraping your brother while he heats up his Koka noodles? By all means, go ahead, but you'll be facing a sack of coal come the morning of the 25th. Still works on me, that old codswollop gospel.

Anyhoo, as per Met Eireann, we Irish need not worry about freezing our nads off this winter, packing an extra pair of gloves for our old buddy old pals, or battling through with a bad case of frostbite (doesn't mean we won't still moan and harp on like a bunch of Harpy Mc Harpersons about the less than 20 degrees weather); there'll be no big freeze and we can forget about any 'particularly severe' weather.

Bit miffed myself, was looking forward to making a few snow angels and skiving off work because being from Glasnevin I'd totally get away with the 'I totally got snowed in today, can't come in' excuse. Until, that is, my boss Googled Glasnevin and realised it was in fact on a hill in which case the snow would roll down and I'd be pretty much good to go. *Makesmentalnotetomovehouse*.

On the upside, however, is the FANTASTIC news that we can expect to live our lives free from the threat of torrential downpours, leading to unwanted, massively inconvenient widespread flooding. Put the canoes away, stop pestering your mam to buy you those overpriced Hunter wellies, you don't need them; it'll be grand.

Head of forecasting Gerald Fleming said: "There is nothing in the runes to suggest that it will be anything other than a normal winter, bringing its share of wet weather, windy weather and some frosty nights."

Of course that doesn't mean it won't piss rain for a few hours per day, sideways shitty rain that makes your hair look like it should be growing in your pubic regions more so than on your head and we don't believe Mr Fleming, knowing Ireland it'll still be blustery as f*ck. So don't worry, we'll still have plenty to moan about.

Good to see the government planning for in case of emergency scenarios, all the same:Chairman of the Government task force Justice Minister, Alan Shatter, ensures us that "there will be enough salt to keep every fish and chip shop around the country operating for over a decade" and that "safety on our roads is at all times necessary, but particularly when severe weather makes driving difficult or hazardous"