It's a common complaint with most smartphones that the battery just never seems to last long enough.

It's the sort of thing that it'll drop in the middle of a conversation, be it text or call, and have you rushing to the nearest wall socket to charge it up. That is, of course, unless you brought your charger with you. If you didn't and you're ill-prepared, you're staring into a blank screen when someone tries to talk to you.

There are, of course, ways around this. Recently, power banks have become an easy way around carrying chargers with you. They're small, they give your phone an extra boost and you can carry them around on a keyring. In short, they're easy to work with.

When the Coca-Cola PowerBank was put in my front, I rolled my eyes initially. I'm pretty forgetful at the best of times, so I immediately had the fear that I'd misplace it somewhere. Thankfully, the big red branding along the side of it meant that it'd be impossible to do so.

My iPhone's linked up to both my work e-mail and my personal e-mail, so I'm usually checking either one of them on a regular basis. As well as this, I have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Spotify running on a near-constant basis, so battery life doesn't tend to last much longer than a few short hours without a charge.

The day I used the PowerBank, I was headed to London for a press junket for an upcoming film. In order to make sure I get the full day from my phone - or as much as it can give me - I normally knock off Bluetooth, WiFi when I'm not using it, lower the brightness of my screen and set the phone to just ring without vibrate. As I'm going be travelling for most of the day, I won't have a chance to charge up my phone when I need it - so the PowerBank's a great help.

Instead of having to worry about my battery life, I could now use all the apps and features that I'd normally forego, thanks to the PowerBank. It meant that I could listen to music whilst reading and responding to tweets and e-mails, something that's a luxury when I'm on a junket. More often than not, it's one or the other - and usually it's just short bursts of either when I know I'm in distance of a wall-socket and have my charger on me.

What's more, I was able to take pictures when I was out and about - something you'd almost never do without having a full-charge. The PowerBank's inconspicuous enough that it can sit in your pocket or coat and not take up any huge amount of space, but the bright red covering means it's never going to go missing on you. As for the charge itself, I got the entire day out of my phone - something I haven't had in quite a while.