Yes, that Hillary Duff.

The former child star / singer was sighted on Tinder two days by a user, who then posted said profile to Tinder where Internet sleuths have deduced it was her.

As we reported yesterday, Lizzie McGuire isn't the only celebrity using Tinder. Leonardo DiCaprio is, allegedly, a big fan of the service.

Duff is currently in the middle of a divorce from NHL player Mike Comrie and, we guess, ready to get out there and hook up with randomers.

Some, however, have been claiming that the profile is a fake. As Tinder users will know, a recent update means that your Tinder account and Instagram can be linked - but only if you have the login and password for Instagram.

The user who found Hillary Duff snapped an image of her profile and what's directly beneath said profile? Her actual Instagram account.

As you'd expect, the person in question swiped right so hard that he basically arrived back at himself. We don't know if she did likewise, but we'll update the story as it happens.

You think there's many Irish celebrities on Tinder? 

*opens Tinder, searches frantically for Anne Doyle*