It's sort of hard to imagine it, but the Internet is actually old now.

Like any place, there are parts that are well-kept and maintained and others that have become abandoned and fallen into disrepair.

Anyone remember EsatClear? They were one of the first Internet companies in Ireland and, as part of their package deal, they gave you some webspace to make your own website.

Most people didn't bother because, well, who needs a website? And what would be on it?

Others, however, took to it with aplomb and made it all about their local community and bad jokes.

Here's one such example. We think this might have been the official website or something for Littleton? Who knows.

Let's begin. You can follow along with us on the page itself, if you fancy.

The plane is an animated .GIF, just so you know. Oh, and the words scroll back and forth across the screen.


It's a sign.


Well. That's definitely a first.


Doesn't click on anything - it's just a screenshot with some editing on it.


The rainbow / parade makes us think Littleton possibly has a thriving gay community? With their own pride? Let's take a look. *click*


You can't have an Irish parade of any description without one of these.


The cat image is animated. Also, that line of text underneath is just there. No context whatsoever.






Not as good as the lighter joke. 4 / 10, you can do better.


In the savage, lawless days before Wikipedia, any unfounded claim could be made without a basis in reality.


We're on a Mac. Should be grand. *click*

Ah crap.


If you can't read that, it says Bill Clinton was in Galboola to open a milking parlour. Was he? Get in touch.


Again with the smoking. But what's this? 'Perfect woman?' *click*



We didn't have enough time to go through everything, but trust us, it's a weird trip back in time.

Or maybe it isn't. Maybe it's some sort of surrealist, long-form, avantgarde comedy sketch like something from Tim & Eric that we're not getting.

Who knows.

If you know who runs this site, get in touch. We want a few options for a possible redesign of that includes more fire .GIFs and non-sequitur jokes about Lassie.