All-rounder Marcus O’Laoire will be opening and closing the 3Live dance floor on all three days at next weekend’s Marlay Park festival. We sat down with him and asked about his varied careers, about his taste in music, movies and what fans can expect from 3Live.

Thanks for joining us.

No problem at all.

Would I be right in saying you’re a chef, a DJ and a stand-up comedian?

Well, I started doing stand-up in 2009. I’ve always been really into my music and I’ve always been really into my food so I just kind of made them into aspects of my career as well. It just worked out well. But, yeah, at Longitude I won’t be doing too much cooking or telling jokes.

Have I seen you in ads as well?

Yeah, you probably have. They’re mostly online. I do a bit of voice over work too.

Have you any interest in acting?

I come from an acting background. That’s how I got into stand-up. My acting experience is on stage mainly.

That’s interesting. In college?

Yeah. I mean, I’ve done little bits and pieces of short, student films and stuff like that but I’m definitely drawn to the stage more than anything else.

Have you a favourite movie?

That’s a tough one. Well, something like 'The Usual Suspects' is a film that I can go back to time and time again. It’s unbelievable. Then, you know, my guilty pleasure film is Ratatouille. I love it. It’s an amazing film, every aspect of it. Love it.

What do usually go for on Netflix?

'Chef’s Table'.

Makes sense!

Hands down. I’ve watched every season of it about three times. We also watched The Little Prince recently. It’s really, really good. What else? I watched The Nice Guys with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. It was recommended to me, it’s great.

Can you tell us a little bit about 3Live.

3Live is a bespoke area or installation that’s put into festivals. It was at Longitude, Electric Picnic and Punchestown last year. This year it’s at Longitude and the Picnic. It’s an amazing, kinda modular stage with a couple of different areas. There’s the observation platform on the first floor where you can see out over the crowd towards the stage. There’s sun loungers and tables and it’s really cool. Then downstairs you have a creative area where you can get your face painted. There’ll be several festival looks you can get done and then there’s body screen printing as well.

What days are you playing?

I’m playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m opening and closing the stage every day. The area is called the club or disco room. You step inside and it’s covered in mirrors. The idea is that it’ll feel like you’re stepping into a disco ball. You can imagine, when it’s sunny out, and as soon as that light hits, it’s going to look unbelievable. In between my sets we’re going to be having a lot of local talent playing. The likes of Toast DJ’s, Mix and Fairbanks and Jimmy Rouge.

What can people expect from your set?

I like to play by the crowd always and I think the great thing about Longitude is that you have three very distinct days. One day is more hip-hop oriented with Stormzy, so I would tailor myself toward that a little bit. There might be a dance day, and then on Sunday it’s kind of like anything goes. Mumford and Sons are playing. But the over bearing theme is disco and bringing that good vibe and positivity into our section of the festival.

DJ, Comedian and Chef Marcus O’Laoire will be on the decks across the Longitude weekend at the 3Live dance floor.