Zombie Cat, Zombie Cat, does whatever a Zombie Cat does. Think its dead? You'd be wrong. Because it is a Zombie Cat.

Ellis Hutson suffered one of the weirder and more joyous events in life last week when his dearly departed cat Bart came back from the dead five days after being buried. Yes, this is either wonderful or the beginning of the end people.

Bart had been hit by a car and left for dead, so Hutton, after examining his pet and believing him to be dead, buried him "under a foot of dirt". Then, five days later, his neighbour Dusty Albritton found Bart sitting on her doorstep, calling out for food.

Bart was refused to a veterinary hospital where surgeons worked on his broken jaw, head trauma and dead eye. Bart is now on a feeding tube and is expected to make as full a recovery as possible for a cat that was believed dead for nearly a week.

How did he make it that long? Hutson believes that one of Bart's feline companions may have come and dug him out and helped him to make it long enough for him to be discovered by humans and get the necessary help.

Sure Ellis. Just don't leave him alone around any vulnerable humans that you care about. 

Via YouTube/Fox Tampa Bay