Ah now this just melts the heart. The video clips from Africa and other impoverished and needy areas featured in Comic Relief are always hard to watch, but when they're making One Direction cry it's just on another level.

We're used to seeing the boys bouncing around the place being all young and carefree, or getting caught out for doing the dirt, but when the guys in One Direction went to a children's hospital in Ghana for Comic Relief, any pretense or image was set aside as they got a healthy dose of reality. Warning: there will be tears, and they won't just be Zayn's, they'll be yours too.

Visiting parents and grandparents of sick and sometimes dying children, all the boys were visibly moved, and shocked at how easily all the illnesses could be prevented with such small amounts of money. Speaking from outside the room he had to leave, through tears, he says 'It’s so hard. I’ve never seen anything, never experienced anything like this in my life. The babies aren't even a year old. We all waste money but the most important thing we can all do is give £5 to protect children from these illnesses.'. Damn it. Now we're feeling sorry for Zayn and we want to give him a hug. Curse you Comic Relief, for making us feel feelings.