That's Sundance for ya!

Indeed Saoirse is in there, blowing a load of green glitter in slo-mo, but - has to be said - it was this couple kissing while showering themselves in popcorn that caught our eye...

If you're of the inquisitive persuasion, forever asking 'why?' Well, this slow mo montage comes courtesy of the New York Times' sponsored slo-mo video booth at the film festival, where actors and directors go in and do something to bring attention the film their promoting. 

Quinto and Franco are starring in I am Michael, which - according to Us Weekly - is based on a New York Times article written by Benoit Denizet-Lewis titled My Ex-Gay Friend. The flick tells the story of a former gay activist who becomes an anti-gay Christian fundamentalist after announcing he’s straight."

Despite this, there's a threesome scene, also involving Charlie Carver, which is "hot as hell." Really, no word of a lie: "We were in an attic in Long Island in the middle of the summer. And the air conditioning was broken. So it was memorable... you have to have a sense of humour.”