'Soaring, flying' he is not...

Before we get into Zac's failings, we also need to take a moment to applaud shade queen Emily Ratajkowski who drops not one but two vicious bombs on the Cosmopolitan interviewer within five seconds at the beginning of this clip. That is the face of someone who is not impressed with your BS and isn't afraid to politely let you know, be it with an ice cold 'No we don't' or equating you with her mother in the most condescending fashion. She should really give a class in it.

But anyway, back to the Zefron, who will no doubt break hearts of High School Musical fans the world over when they realise that he doesn't know the names of the songs off by heart.

Efron, Emily Ratajkowski and Max Joseph sat down with Cosmo in an interview promoting their film 'We Are Your Friends' and played an intros game with songs that they all should have known. Emphasis here on the should.

Now not recalling the names of some of the songs from the sequels and the group songs we'd understand, as Zac points out there were three movies and that equals a lot of songs, but come on Efron, 'Breaking Free' was the song.

How could you do that to everyone? How could you do that to Vanessa Hudgens? It's not like her life post-Disney has been as easy as yours.

Via Cosmopolitan