We've got to hand it to this little girl. She's not even two years old and already she's got better taste in music than us. It seems as though she's a fan of minimalist post-industrial electronica in the form of Nine Inch Nail's latest single, Copy Of A, from their album Hesitation Marks. 

We could be wrong and this could be some viral marketing by Trent Reznor. Stranger things have happened, y'know.

We especially like her reaction just as the track kicks off. We're guessing she's destined to be the editor of Rolling Stone or some such.

Good song choice, little girl. Personally, our favourte NiN track is Only. Trent Reznor's best work with Nine Inch Nails is behind him, but that's just us. She probably thinks his soundtracks with Atticus Ross are way better.