If we've learned one thing today, it's not to challenge Angela Westfield to a Christmas-based competition of any kind. 

Westfield and her co-workers were given free reign to adorn their cubicles with any type of decoration that they saw fit, in an effort to bring a Christmas spirit to the office, and she took the challenge very, very seriously. 

She got her husband involved too, and designed a log cabin out of cardboard tubes. The work started in the garage of the family house, where they assembled the outer shell and cut grooves in to the tubes so that they would slot together like Lincoln logs, before adding fake snow using cotton wool on fishing wire, tinsel, lights, and pretty much everything that you could imagine that's got anything to do with the festive season.

We presume she's pumping out the Christmas carols inside there too, possibly even roasting chestnuts on an open fire. If she is, someone should inform health and safety though, as that's definitely a violation. 

Via Today FM