We're not saying there's no such things as ghosts because we don't have incontrovertible evidence to fully say so.

However, this - we know to a moral certainty - is fake. A video was published on Facebook and YouTube a few days ago by Aisling Murphy, a woman in Cork who claims her house is being terrorised by a ghost. As the video claims, the ghost lives in her kitchen and bangs doors, pulls a clothes bin across the floor and generally does all sorts of spooky stuff.

Pretty crazy, we think you'll agree. So, when we heard about it, we had to see this for ourselves. Here's the video below.

Now. Here's how you can spot the wires pulling everything. If you open the video up on a laptop and put into fullscreen with the 1080p setting, you can CLEARLY see a wire pulling the red clothes bin towards the camera. The wire slackens slightly as whoever's standing behind the camera pulls it.

It's absolutely clear as day when you spot it because the light catches the wire just as it moves. Skip to 1.00 and you'll see it. Look just below the countertop and you'll see it.

Are we wrong? Let us know in the comments!