Last night saw the stars of WWE arrive in 3Arena Dublin for a wrestling extravaganza.

Among the wrestlers on last night's card was Cabra's very own Sheamus, who most recently made a turn to heel. For those of you unfamiliar with wrestling terminology, that means he's a bad guy now.

And man, did he really nail that gimmick (again, that means persona in wrestling terms) last night.

As even the most passing fans of wrestling will know, promos are common during wrestling events where the stars will grab the mic and either curry favour with fans by dogging an opponent, or in other cases, taunting and humiliating a crowd in whatever fashion they see fit.

Sheamus, who as we mentioned is a Dub, really took it a step too far last night. This video surfaced earlier today of Sheamus telling everyone to pay their water charges and saying that Enda Kenny was an Irish hero. 

Twitter reacted as you might have expected them to as well, so he obviously touched on a pretty hot button topic with people. 

It gets better. Sheamus even called out MMA fighter Cathal Pendred, whom he dubbed a 'pretender'.

As you'd imagine, Pendred got wind of this and had this to say in retaliation.

Will Pendred be joining the ranks of the WWE in the near future? Or will we see Sheamus take on Pendred's invitation?

Who knows. We still can't get over the water charges thing.

Via Twitter