It's not something that you're asked to do every day, but in this short video, a group of women are asked to describe and draw what their ideal penis would like. 

While the measurements were anything from 6 to 10 inches (don't worry, the average is nothing near that), there were some increasingly strange and downright worrying pictures drawn by the women here. Apart from the fact that one of them looks like a spear and another is wearing a beret for some reason, one woman actually uses her entire arm to trace out the shape. Straight up, you just can't be doing that. 

One thing we will say, is we like the knowing nod as one of the women uttered the the phrase "oh I've seen many, I've seen many". 

A similar experiment a while backed asked men to draw a vagina, and they also had some strange pictures by the end of it, so maybe neither sex really knows what the hell is going on down there. 

Via BroBible