Being high-flying media types like we are here at, we get invited to a lot of parties, absolutely loads of them, so many we couldn't even list them, but we've never seen anything like this. 

Alright, we lied, we haven't been to a party in ages and no one wants to hang around with us, but that's not the point. The point is that the people who attended this house party were witness to an incredibly weird turn of events where one of the guests decided to blow up a balloon and swallow it hole, then popping it inside her. She just happened to have all the equipment with her, including a pump, as you do...

We don't want to know how she learned to do this. Of course, the internet is having none of it, with a few people stating that the most likely thing going on here is that she deflated it slowly in her mouth, and that a foreign object of that size inside your body would not be good for you. If there are any doctors out there reading this (that would be a massive surprise, frankly) we could use some further info on the dangers of ingesting balloons, so get in touch.

Also, if you are having a party, invite us, we're cool. We could try to practice this move too, if that will seal the deal on an invitation. 

Via Mashable