This has to be one of the most bizarre experiences of anyone's life ever.

Rebekah Aversano's from Maryland, USA, came face to face with her dead brother's face on another man's body in an emotional encounter that reads like it's straight out of science-fiction.

39-year-old Richard Norris, who was severely disfigured in a shooting accident in 1997, received the transplanted face of the Rebekah's brother Joshua after he was killed in a car accident three years ago and Aversano's family donated his face to him. And this is the first time Rebekah and Richard have met since the transplant.

Aversano and Norris' meeting was recorded by 60 Minutes Australia and is due to be broadcast this weekend.

Norris faces a life on anti-rejection medication as well as severe lifestyle restrictions such as not drinking, smoking or getting sunburned in order to stop his body from rejecting the transplant.

Via The Guardian/YouTube