Yes, we get how weird that sounds - 'hilariously narrates' a robbery - but trust us, it actually is.

A young businesswoman was closing up her shop for the evening when a man entered and held her at gunpoint. As you'd expect, he demanded money and lots of Marlboro Reds (really?) to take with him.

Calm and collected, the woman in question did as she was demanded by the robber and managed to quickly tap the panic button a few times whilst stalling the robber.

As she narrates the CCTV footage, you'll see that she tapped the panic button more than once - and did the cops turn up? Nope.

Take a look.

You've really gotta hand it to her - she displayed an amazing amount of courage and, as you can see, she's well able to laugh about it.

As it turned out, the robber was caught shortly after this event in a car wash. Yes, he decided to go get his car washed. Did he think it was like in Grand Theft Auto, where if you get your car-wash, you lose your star rating?

No. He can't be THAT stupid. Well, he's robbing a shop and taking ages at it, so anything's possible.


Via YouTube