Wisconsin basketball players are big fans of FIFA, and it seems that the competitions that they have amongst each other are hard-fought battles. 

As any group of friends will know, the ranking of the best to worst FIFA players in your circle can be both an important and damaging process to sort out, and a question at this press conference looked to gain clarification on the matter and find out who was the best and worst among the guys. 

While that's where it started, it took a bizarre turn as the topic switched to Super Smash Bros. and Nigel Hayes mentioned that all the team cares about is their "suckoffs". 

We have no idea what that means, and have been reliably informed by the good folks at SB Nation that you SHOULD NOT GOOGLE THE TERM SUCKOFFS under any circumstances. 

Anyway, their best guess is that one of the team members has become adept at using Kirby to inhale other players/characters and drop them off the edge in the game, which became known as a "suckoff". That's your new word for the day sorted anyway...

Via SB Nation